The best workout in the Hudson Valley.

Maximum Results Bootcamp is the most BADASS workout in the Hudson Valley because we know that to get fit, you need be pushed out of your comfort zone.  Bootcamp focuses on intervals of cardio and weight training. It is an awesome workout that is guaranteed to leave you out of breath, but with killer results.

The great thing about all our bootcamp workout is that it targets every single muscle in your body.  By moving consistently for an hour the body has essentially no rest, which leaves the body burning calories long after the workout is over. Do not let this description intimidate your though, these classes are for all fitness levels from beginner to experienced, men and women of all ages. Our bootcamp allows you to feel comfortable exercising because no one is ever singled out. People with similar skill levels can pair together to motivate each other!

We guarantee that once you have taken your first bootcamp class, you will feel the confidence and energy to take on any physical challenge. Our bootcamp will shred those unwanted pounds, as each session burns on average 500-600 calories with some even reaching over 1000 calories in an hour. The sweat is instant and constant, but just remember that that is body fat melting off your body. Bootcamp classes are a great way to lose weight and get in shape in a fun, group setting.


Maximum Results Bootcamp is a workout for everyone. Over the years we’ve had all types of people who were ready to change their lives. Men and women, from ages 14 all the way up to 67 and everyone in between. Whether you’re a beginner trying to find the best way to lose the first few pounds or if you are a veteran looking to challenge yourself everyday, Maximum Results Bootcamp is the workout for you.

Bootcamp is designed to push each and every person, but at their own pace. All our exercises have modifications and alternates in order for you to get the best workout in the safest way. We work around any injuries that you may have and help you overcome any limitations you have.

Bootcamp classes are held Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.